Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rag of the Day- Winter Colours

 -February 16, 2012 in front of a fancy club on Queens Ave; it is a very nice quality and finely woven cotton handkerchief; seems to have been caught up in a snowblower given the networks of holes and frays. Bright bleached white. Machine stitched hem. Seems brand new, though well washed; not cheaply made.

-February on Ridout at Bathurst, but I'm not quite sure which day; cheap handkerchief with holes cut and abraded throughout; mauve cotton faded to grey; has a nice feel to it despite what all it has been through.

-February 19 where the L and PS tracks meet Bathurst Street; fine wool suit jacket; black pinstripe faded to grey, but also dusty; pinstripes are white, blue and burgundy; still frozen here; it was hung on a fence post, but too rotted in part to recover as a garment. Beautiful light-weight wool; tag says made in Canada.

It has been a remarkably mild winter here, punctuated by a few snowy periods. This is why I keep finding cloth this winter; it's usually a spring and fall thing- when the snow melts and then later when the plant life loses its leaves and reveals the ground. The cloth of the jacket is especially beautiful, and when it dries tomorrow in the sun I'll see how much of it can be salvaged.