Saturday, May 3, 2014

Rag of the Day Digest: Five Shirts

March 2014, Cotton flannel, spent the winter in a snow bank it had been plowed into. Cloth is heavily worn.

April 2014, snow plow damaged cotton shirt.

April 2014, cotton-poly blend shirt, in the park. Mildewed and mud stained, so may have been there since last summer.

April 2014, cotton shirt, at the curb, seems to have been damaged by the sidewalk snow plow. Probably fell out of someone's garbage.
April 26, 2014, Necktie Beach, a cuff, part of a sleeve and placket from a cotton shirt. I'm assuming this is what is left of a whole shirt, just these parts. Spring flooding brought it up on the shore where it got caught in some roots. The flowing water that probably tore away the rest of the shirt has left these bits bundled with grass, small branches and little twigs. I won't be able to wash it without deconstructing it. Maybe I can just snip some of the cloth off and leave most of the twining and wrapping intact.