Friday, April 8, 2011

Update on Foraging-Scapes

Sharing the work in progress on this little cloth; I'm using Jude Hills mosaic method here, adding eco-dyed bits on a base. The base cloth is mostly from this sheet (former rag of the day entry).

This is the ribbon scrap B found last week.

Even this, which we found during the first real thaw in February, has found its way in.

It is the long bars on the left hand side of this part.

The yellow square above there is dyed with marigolds. All last summer, B would stop and pick the dead heads off of a neighbor's marigolds. The nerve.

This cloth is helping me see such acts of foraging and how they create landscapes, foraging-scapes. Blending ours with the bees and other pollinators. The sheer patch below is dyed with the few black raspberries that dried on the canes last summer. Each little berry was the product of some little pollinator's work.

I'll explain later that all the dots on this are meant to represent the things that bees and pollinators are foraging for- food, water, shelter. More stitching to accompany this idea.

Last night, stitching away in eccentrically connected paths across the seams on this cloth, I noticed it had weight. Really all of a sudden it weighed something. It is as if once the seams between the woven bands are fixed, when they don't shift anymore, the whole thing gets heavier. Thread doesn't weigh much, so it must be the mending.


  1. oh it's looking fabulous. amazing how the stitching ties it all together.

  2. Wendy, this is beautiful with very soothing colors - i love circles too!

  3. Wonderful! This looks like one I had in my mind, of silk and scrim in blocks, but your added dyed circles is REALLY nice. I love the "hospital" motif in the first picture, I assume you will leave it showing? I love the story of the bees and foraging, etc.

  4. Its beautiful in its simplicity and I love those greens and yellows. I agree, the hospital logo should show lol
    What a delightful story it has to its provenance too!

  5. It's unanimous then, the logo stays. I still wonder why I keep finding these sheets....

  6. Each piece a history to start something new.
    Love the circles.

  7. you really are gifted at this mosaic work...
    such flow. just a pleasure to look closely at
    each piece, at each grouping of pieces...and
    that little wild cemetary ribbon...sings!!!