Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Inspired by Windthread

After Grace over at Windthread, who posted her ecodye set up, and shared lots of beautiful thoughts about working with what is around.

Grace's post made me feel pretty brave. Helped me see a dye spot in the sunshine. Pot, jars, table top, table legs, bucket all found in the garbage. Copper and iron found too. Sunshine makes it all work.

Geranium petals that the guy who lives here has saved all winter.

But I'm in over my head with this. I bought two ounces of indigo last year, on a whim. The only thing I bought for this enterprise. I'm using these instructions, which seem to put me at less risk of somehow poisoning or chemically burning the loved ones.

This is Day Two. I want to batik borders for a long cloth...

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  1. This is exciting -- I'm going to be watching for how the indigo goes. I love these pictures, magic is brewing here!