Sunday, August 7, 2011

Feathers of the Day

Yesterday Jude Hill invited everyone to share making her magic feathers. And so I was not too surprised to find these this morning on our walk. First a perfect Hawk feather, tinged with pink that doesn't appear in the photo.

And then this Crow's feather. A bit worn at the tip, maybe pulled out in a fight, maybe shed to grow a newer stronger one.

The Dog stopped for a rest, and I stood in the shade beside her and wondered about the colours I might need if I was going to make a feather based on these. Should I try to make them brown and a bit pink? Should I just make them white? Oh. The Dog had stopped under a walnut tree.

My white silk from Julie Northcott-Wilson arrived on Friday.

I'm kind of amazed.


  1. i am noticing feathers more today... and happy to see them popping up all over. i have some white silk waiting here as well.

  2. What a lovely gathering you've had here! Love it.