Saturday, September 10, 2011

Magic Diaries, Big and Little

I was supposed to be setting the table for a Birthday Party under the arbor, and discovered that the Magic Diaries cloth is now just about the same size as the Birthday Party table. It might be the right size, then. It is still two sections made up of four individual panels, each a double woven or mosaiced base. This is the windblown star:

Along one edge there is a long 'continuous nine patch' or checkerboard border.

I see little nine patches in here, and find myself treating them as little parts of the bigger whole.

And, I'm loving where the once separate panels meet. They are nice places to sew- I can use heavy stitches, or make the seams less visible. But it changes everything when they come together.

As Jude has been teaching us in Magic Diaries, when working on a cloth like this, which doesn't have a fixed model, only a modeller, you notice and insert small details. In the space of the cloth you hold in your hands, you find a whole cloth to work. I thought to take some photos of those I like the most. Here are bits of the same old silk sari, part sun faded, part still vibrant, they are patching each other here.

Where a square became a triangle in a funny way.

Where a set of little blocks clustered.

Where a former Rag of Day, a painter's rag, covered in paint, appears to have a print as the colours pop out because of the colour in the base cloth.

And, as Jude has also taught us, when you fold it up, you see other cloths all together. Here, kind of like the pattern I love, 'Flying Geese'.

And the relationships between triangles and squares.

How the shapes travel over the curves when it is bundled.

So that's what I'm noticing about the Magic Diaries cloth today. I think there is one more border to add, a different kind of checkerboard, one that creates rectangles instead of squares.


  1. oh how wonderful this is. love your descriptions of all the special little sections.

  2. I see the "calm" oozing out of this piece!

  3. This is so beautiful and colorful. I love how you took us through it. It really showed how you've built this ongoing relationship. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for sharing this loving work.
    Each section is so beautiful on its own...and then i see the whole and they all fit together. I love that. Still don't know how to make it myself.
    It is a way of work with fabric that i find fascinating because its apparent simplicity but i know it takes some kind of mastering.

  5. well..i give up. i wanted to find words that
    would say fully how i feel when i look here.
    there aren't any. i have looked many times and
    been delighted and amazed
    i just really love your touch for color, design,
    stitch...just so beautiful, Wendy. you are
    just an amazing cloth artist....

  6. this morning it came to me....
    what each of these individual frames make me
    think of is
    little a story about a community
    that makes KITES oh, love this thought!

    each frame above is a small world of it's own
    and isn't that just the most beautiful beauty of
    a quilt...the coming together of so many parts?

  7. I love this, VERY helpful! Saw your link in the MG comments, thanks!