Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rag of the Day December 25 2011

 -December 25 2011CN tracks between Ridout and the station; cotton fabric woven in Austria according to the tag and shirt sewn in Canada; the front breast side is quite torn up; sun faded in parts, tears easily but quite sturdy. It is almost like a polished cotton.

I used some of the back to make this.

It is a gift for a young photographer and former student who made us the most beautiful gifts last year (a book of her photos and a flock of Chestnut Animals!). All of the silk is recycled Fair Trade sari strips except for the turquoise from an old embroidered robe I bought at the Buck a Pound a few years ago. The backing is a former rag of the day too, the thread is bamboo and second-hand embroidery floss. I'm not quite finished with it; I know she will like to know where the cloth came from. And that it is made just for her!


  1. a great cloth, the colors glow on it.

  2. I am so jealous of your findings. I constantly look for ephemera etc. when out walking but no cloth around here. I think it's too impoverished and as soon as a piece is discarded it is rescued, I love that all your pieces have such story!

  3. Love the contrast in color here. :)

  4. love who and how you are
    a joyfull New Year to you, Wendy....