Monday, June 23, 2014

Rag of the Day Special Edition: Fragments

Six very tiny pieces- the ivory is two- lucky to have stayed in my pocket. I can't remember where the ivory came from, but I have the impression looking at it that it was from a squirrel nest that was being refreshed for the spring.

The blue in the top left is from a lawn at a business downtown, probably chewed up in a lawnmower last fall. The red was probably a ribbon, and had become caught on a rock on a river-side path way during the spring flood.

The plaid is from a jacket that has been pulled apart by flood water in the spring and caught up in the sand.

The burned rayon on the bottom left probably blew off a balcony at a high rise apartment, months ago, and got then caught up against a fence. I found that on May 4, 2014. 

I am not sure what to do with them yet, but I think they belong together. They make me think of ancient textiles found in tiny pieces and then reconstructed. It seems improbable these things persist. But then they are also just the right size for the creatures that might use them for things like nests, for winter homes. It's a wonder I found them at all.

So they will be something, together, I think.


  1. love your ongoing documentation of these found fragments

  2. they could be Anything, couldn't they. Their stories...could be so
    and pictured here, as you have done, it does feel that they have the
    urge to be connected. Orphans.